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Businesses of the past

  • Hotels, Inns, Taverns, Organizations, and Resorts
- The Johannes Fisher House - perhaps built as an inn before 1789 when it was the site of the meeting of the new town of Rensselaerville. Fisher operated an inn and store for farmers bringing their grain to Weidmans Gristmill. Fisher was one of the few local families to own slaves. About 1812 Fischer built a large, one-room brick building to house his three slaves, plus those of travelers staying in his inn.
- Ski Land - (ca. 1948 - ca.1965) was a small public ski-lift at the foot of Cole Hill.
  • Sawmills and Feedmills
- Warner's Sawmill, on Lot 564 on the bank of the Foxenkill half between Berne and East Berne, was built about 1765. The 1866 Beers map shows a Feed and Sawmill in the same location. This is just north west of the Pine Park development.
  • Industry
- Berne and Knox Cheese Factory - on Lot 614
- Maplewood Poultry Farm - a now abandoned stone chicken house