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Maplewood Poultry Farm in the Helderbergs, near Warner's Lake - Altamont Enterprise - February 3, 1933

Thanks to Homer Warner for the graphic and original ad, and the inspiration to follow through on this topic.

A Poultry Farm in The Helderberg Mountains

Maplewood Poultry Farm in the Helderbergs, near Warner's Lake - Altamont Enterprise - February 3, 1933

One of the outstanding poultry farms in this part of the state is "Maplewood," in the Helderberg hills above Altamont, near Warner's. Lake. The large production of strictly fresh eggs on this 90-acre farm helps to satisfy the needs of the nearby cities. Over 3,000 eggs daily are produced here. Not only does the farm supply eggs, but fresh poultry is supplied to markets and individuals.

Maplewood Poultry Farm also has a hatchery that sends out thousands of baby chicks from foundation stock of Wycoff eggs. Hanson stock has been added. Chicks from Maplewood always means bigger profits. They grow faster and mature earlier. Modern and Scientific methods of poultry breeding and raising, by men who have been in the business many years, mean much to the quality of production. Mass production makes it possible to sell the products of this poultry plant at lowest possible prices.

The managers invite the public to inspect this modern chicken farm.

Altamont Enterprise - February 3, 1933


The Maplewood Poultry Farm advertised in local newspapers. Below is a sample of the ads.

Current Appearance

Two buildings of the Maplewood Poultry Farm are still standing on Route 252 (Knox Cave Road) between Harold Drive and Sweetie Lane in Knox - right at the Berne border. The gallery of pictures below show the buildings are in poor condition.

Additional Media

Maplewood Poultry Farm - Poultrymen of Albany County to have Field Day - Altamont Enterprise, August 5, 1927

Poultrymen of Albany County To Have Field Day

Poultrymen of Albany county will be interested to know that the Farm Bureau is arranging for a poultry meeting to be held at the farm of James F. Finn near Warner's Lake, on August 19. The meeting will start at 10 a.m. standard time. Mr. Finn started Maplewood Poultry farm a year and a half ago. It is in the Helderberg mountains, one mile from Warner's Lake Road, but instead of bearing to Warner's Lake, take the first dirt road to the right. One mile on this road brings one to Maplewood farm.

Maplewood has a capacity of 8,000 laying hens, which average an egg every second day the tear round. The entire 29 acres of the farm is devoted to Wyckoff's White Leghorns. Thirty pullet coops, of ten by twelve dimensions, house 250 pullets each. There are 28 colony houses with equipment for 1,000 chicks in each house. The young chicks are kept in brooders in these colony houses until they are six weeks old.

In the incubator cellar, where eggs raised on the farm are hatched, there is a single machine with a capacity of 15,000 eggs.

The party will leave the Maplewood farm at 11:30 for Robert's grove, Warner's Lake, with basket lunch followed by an address by Prof. L. M. Hurd of Cornell University.

This is the annual picnic for poultrymen of Albany county. There will be a meeting of the poultry council at this time.

Other meeting will be held on August 16 and August 18. The ones of August 16, will be at the farm of Frank Stanton, Coeymans Hollow, at 10 a.m., and the farm at Leroy Lockwood, South Westerlo at 2 p.m. On August 18, there will be an all day meeting at the farm of H. P. Vanderzee, Feura Bush.

Altamont Enterprise - August 5, 1927
Maplewood Poultry Farm - Fire Destroys Building at Maplewood Farm - Altamont Enterprise, February 12, 1932

Fire Destroys Building at Maplewood Farm

A fire at Maplewood Poultry farm on the Helderbergs, west of Altamont, Saturday morning of last week, destroyed the crating and packing building of the modern poultry plant.

The damage was confined to the one building and cause can only be accounted for that a new fire had been started in the stove a short time before the fire was discovered.

Altamont Enterprise - February 12, 1932


Ads go back to 1913 in the Altmont Enterprise, but an article above states that Mr. Finn started Maplewood Poultry farm in 1925. Not sure why there is a difference.

Ads list the location as Altamont, but the main building is in Knox - so close to the Berne line that some of the farm might have been in Berne.