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The United Church of Christ is and active church in Medusa.


On April 28, 1833. a group of people met in the Fox Creek Schoolhouse under the leadership of Elder John P. Teets of South Westerlo to organize the First Christian Church of the Town of Rensselaerville. The services of the church were conducted during the winter months in this same schoolhouse and in the summer the services were held in Bedford's Barn on a farm directly east of Medusa which was then called Hall's Mills. During the next three years the church became scattered and almost ceased to exist due to lack of proper order and stated ministry.

Residents recognized the need for a place of worship and a building was built by subscription of the citizens to be used by different sects of religion for their worship which was used until 1836. On November 25th of that year Elder Spoor of nearby Freehold, and Elder Teets called a meeting of the church and its membership decided to reorganize. There are apparently no records for the next few years of the church and by 1858 the church had been dropped from Conference minutes. The church members were scattered and the building in a state of disrepair until 1859 when Elder Spoor held a meeting on April 9th to promote interest in the church. By the end of that year a hundred names were added to the church roll and the church was revived.

In 1865, the church hired Elder Coffin to preach. On May 24, 1866, the first meeting of the larger fellowship was held. In 1869, revival meetings again drew many new members and in early 1875, the church was incorporated under the law of New York State as the First Christian Church of Rensselaerville at Medusa. A new church building was dedicated on February 10, 1875.

In June 1957, The congregation under Rev. Robert Worrall voted to change the name of the church to the United Church of Christ in Medusa. [1].


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