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Tea Houses, Inns, Hotels

Old records for this section are very scarce, but since this is a part of Knox's history, the earliest tea room or teahouse in the village of Knox was "The Crossways". It was housed in "Ep" Barkley's store and was operated by Helen and Margaret Ogden. Vertie Gibbs reports one could obtain a light lunch. Apparently it did not operate for too many years.

Township Hotel The earliest hotel seems to have been in existence before 1850 and is still in operation at the same site. It is located in Township and is known as the Township Hotel. It was operated by Barney and Harry Palumbo.

THE TOWNSHIP HOTEL (Approximately in the 1880's)

ALLEN'S TEA ROOM — On present site of Foxenkill Lodge (early 1900's)

PRESENT FOXENKILL LODGE (1972)- The present Foxenkill Lodge currently owned by Jim and Anne Connally was said to have been Allen's Tea Room in the years 1900-1925.

Highland Farms Restaurant

Highland Farms Restaurant has been in operation for about fifteen years. It was converted from an old farm house and is operated by Mr. and Mrs. Merle Shufeldt. (1972)

Wayside Tavern

WAYSIDE TAVERN - The Wayside Tavern located on route 157 was also once a tea house. It is currently operated by Arthur Martin. (1972)