Hilltowns during the Revolutionary War

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
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At the time of the Revolutionary War, all four Hilltowns were part of the West Manor of Rensselaerwyck. After the war ended (1790), Rensselaerville was created from part of the Town of Watervliet and contained what is now Berne, Knox, Rensselaerville, and most of Westerlo. The Hilltown area was either sparsely settled or wilderness at the time of the Revolution. Thus it is difficult for towns to lay claim to home-grown revolutionary war heroes.

Many Revolutionary War veterans came to the area to make use of the "Free Land" promoted by the Rensselaerwyck Patroon, not realizing that they were leasing the land and would never be able to own it. Most town lists include veterans who were born in and fought in militias from other states, but who later settled in the Hilltowns. Below are sources of veterans that Hilltowns claim as their own:

June 1, 1840 Census of Pensioners, Berne, Knox, Rensselaerville, and Westerlo, Albany County, New York
Name Age Head of family, with whom residing



Andrew Secor 87 Andrew Secor
John Salsburg 89 Harmon Salsburg
Evan Philips 63 Evan Philips
Thomas Frisbee 79 Thomas Frisbee
Francis Garvy 77 Isaac J. Garvy
Joseph Owen 81 Joseph Owen
Levit Head 84 Paul White
William Ball 76 John Ball
Simeon Church 89 Simeon C. Church
Esau King 77 Jackson King
Paul J. Hogstrasser 78 Jacob Hoghstrasser
Elizabeth Skinner 82 Chester Skinner


Nathan Dayton 82 Nathan Dayton
Doctor Smith 76 Jared Smith
Mathew Mulford 83 Charles L. Mulford
John Rogers 84 Sands Jervis
Mary Bliven 77 Augustus L. Cross
Sylvanus Purrington 85 Sylvanus Purrington
Eliphaz Kilbourn 83 Eliphaz Kilbourn
John J. H. Burnett 83 John J. H. Burnett
Reuben King 75 Asa Woodford
Henry Cline 86 George Benn
Apollos Moore 75 Apolios Moore


Simeon Whitcomb 84 Simeon Whitcomb
John Preston 84 Ezra Preston
Jacob Ingalls 76 Jocob Ingalls
Stephen V. Tompkins 82 Abraham Tompkins
William Wheaton 83 Darius Lockwood
Stephen Allen 79 Stephen H. Allen
Sarah Hurlbert 83 Simeon Lobbdell
Johiel Lamb 84 Johiel Lamb
Margaret Wilsey 88 John Arnold
Joseph Hinkley 80 Josiah Hinkley
David Sullivan 88 David Sullivan
Levi Tracy 80 Daniel Spalding


New York in the Revolution as Colony and State
Records from the Office of the State Comptroller

Albany County Militia – Fifth Regiment

Colonel Gerritt G. Van Den Bergh
Colonel Henry Quackenboss
Lieut. Col. Volkert Veeder

Capt. George Hogan
Capt. Philip Luke
Capt. Teunis Slingerland
Capt. John Van Wie
Capt. Abraham Veeder

Major Barent Staats
Major Conradt TenEyck

Capt. William Winne
Lieut. John Devoe
Lieut. Thomas Esmay
Lieut. William Flansburgh
Lieut. Jurian Hogan


Lieut. Ephraim Hudson
Lieut. John Leonard
Ensign Ezra Cleveland
Ensign Henry Shafer
Ensign Cornelius Vanderzee

Aernout Jacob
Albright John
Allenbrach John
Arnhoudt John
Basinger Andrew
Becker Gerrit
Becker Walter
Bradt Anthony
Bradt Peter B.
Bradt Adrian
Burhans John
Conger Reuben
Conger Uzziah
Devoe John
Esmay Thomas
Flansburg Matthew
Flansburg Daniel
Flansburg William
Fuller Gershom
Haswell Joseph
Heller Jacob
Hillebrandt John
Hooghtaling James
Hungerford Elisha
Johnson John
Joost Benjamin
Luke Solomon
Moke Francis (Moak)
Moke John (Moak)
Ogenpact Benjamin
Oliver John
Oosterhout Henry

Ostrander Henry
Palmetier John
Pangburn Richard
Pangburn William
Post Benjamin
Salsbury Joseph
Schoonmaker John
Seger Gerrit I.
Seger Gerrit S.
Seger John
Shafer Charles
Shaver Hendrick
Taylor James
Taylor Lucas
Van Aernam Isaac
Van Buren Moses
Van Deusen Matthew
Van Etten Benjamin
Van Etten William
Van Wie Andries
Van Wie Gerrit
Van Wie Isaac
Van Wie John H.
Viele Jacob
Viele Simon
Winne David
Wyncoop Evert