Shufelt, Ellery

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Ellery Shufelt Cutting Buckwheat
Wife of Ellery Shufelt and his children


Ellery Shufelt was born 22 Feb. 1895 in Schoharie, one of nine children of Menzo Shufelt and Martha Elizabeth Arnold.


He never got beyond the fourth grade and could not read nor write. Ellery was called to service in October of 1918


Ellery married his wife Beatrice in May of 1933. They had four children:

  • Carolyn Virginia Shufelt b. 1933. After her parents were stricken with TB she was raised by her aunt Carrie Shufelt Bogardus and uncle Arthur.
  • Arthur Menzel Shufelt b. 1936
  • Martha Shufelt b. 1937
  • Catherine Shufelt


The family was one of the last families to live on West Mountain in the 1930s when they were squatters during the time the federal Land Recovery Program were buying up abandoned and marginal farms. (Read the article on Partridge Run State Wildlife Management Area for more information about this period in the history of the Berne.)

Both Ellery and his wife were stricken with TB.


These photos were taken by Arthur Rothstein, the well known photographer for the Farm Security Administration.