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Isaac was born on December 1, 1755 at Clarkstown, Orange Co., NY, a son of David M. Secor and Rebecca Halstead. His known siblings were[1]:

  • Jacob I. Secor b. November 28, 1745
  • Rebecca Secor b. June 30, 1747
  • James Secor b. November 17, 1749
  • David Secor b. November 17, 1749
  • Anna Secor b. December 13, 1753
  • John Secor b. August 20, 1757
  • Jonas Secor b. January 7, 1760
  • Sarah Secor b. April 13, 1762
  • Mary Secor b. March 28, 1764
  • Elizabeth Secor b. June 15, 1766
  • Abigail Secor b. January 21, 1768


While residing in Clarkstown, Isaac enlisted and served as a private with the New York troops. He served from June 17, 1775 for six months in Captain Robert Johnston’s company, Colonel James Clinton’s regiment and was in the expedition to Canada.,br> From July of 1776, he spent one month as a substitute for his brother John in Captain Amos Hutchings’ company, Colonel Ritzend’s regiment and was in the battle of Long Island and the retreat to Harlem.
From February of 1777, he spent two years in Captain William Slow’s company under Major Case and was in the capture of Fort Montgomery.
He was discharged by Colonel Hay. Form October 1779, he spent six months in Captain John Gardner’s rangers.[2]

Marriage and Children

Isaac married in New Jersey on October 10, 1793, Abigail Halstead who was born on February 14, 1771. This was likely a second marriage for Isaac. Isaac's known children were:

  • Clarissa Secor b. May 5, 1784
  • Jesse G. Secor b. September 14, 1789
  • Rebecca Secor b. 1793 at Beaverdam, now Berne, appears to be their first child.
  • Esther Secor b. 1802
  • Hannah Secor b. 1804
  • Halstead Secor b. January 8, 1806
  • John Secor b. 1809
  • Silvester Secor b. July 6, 1811 in Berne
  • Clark Secor b. May 6, 1813 in Berne
  • Hiram Secor b. May 1, 1815
  • Isaac J. Secor b. 1819


Isaac died in 1836 and was buried in the Secor private burial site at Savannah, Wayne County, NY. Abigail died in 1860 and is buried with Isaac.

Additional Media


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