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Matthew was born in East Hampton, NY on October 22, 1756 a son of David Mulford and Rachel Gardiner.[1]

Marriage and Children

On February 7, 1778, he married Mary, a daughter of Dr. Samuel Hutchinson, who was born on August 27, 1757. They came to Rensselaerville at about 1800. Children, all born in Easthampton, except John, who was born in Rensselaerville:[1]

  • Hannah Mulford, born October 28, 1778; married Col, Isaac Wickham, 1799; died October 20, 1821 at East Hampton.
  • Juliana Mulford, born in 1781; died 1793 at East Hampton.
  • Phebe Mulford, born January 12, 1784; married April 9, 1810, Deacon William Hedges; died May 28, 1857 at Rensselaerville.
  • Charles Lewis Mulford, born July 1, 1786; married Mille Cook on June 25, 1816; died May 28, 1857 at Rensselaerville.
  • Betsey Mulford, born July 6, 1788; married Jonathan Jenkins on January 1, 1809; died July 4, 1875 at Rensselaerville.
  • Mary Mulford, born in 1790; unmarried; died 1845 at Rensselaerville.
  • Julia H. Mulford, born December 7, 1793; married Col. Samuel Miller; died January 10, 1866 at East Hampton.
  • Samuel H. Mulford, born March 18, 1796; married Clarissa Griffin on September 18, 1823; died December 1871 at Holley, NY
  • Edward Mulford, born June 9, 1799; married Sarah Reed on October 25, 1832; died May 17, 1863, Newark, NY
  • William Mulford, born June 10, 1799, twin; married Lucy Stewart on June 6, 1841; died March 2, 1862 at Cherry Valley, Illinois
  • John H. Mulford, born on April 22, 1802 at Rensselaerville, died unmarried on October 20, 1876 at Albany.


At the age of 20 he was 1st sergeant in Capt. Ezekiel Mulford’s company 12, of 1st Suffolk Reg’t, Col. Smith commanding, as appears in printed records and was present at the battle of Long Island. Col. Smith wrote that his regiment was on the march. It was engaged while in the fort near Brooklyn, and that he heard Sergeant Mulford relate his experience as a soldier, and tell of seeing a comrade’s head shot off by a British cannon ball, and of hearing General Washington give orders while both wer e in the fort. He was in receipt of a pension from the U.S. government for many years.[1]


Mary died at Rensselaerville on July 31, 1824. Matthew died on March 24, 1845, and is buried at the Rensselaerville Cemetery. It should also be noted that his grave bears a Revolutionary War marker. ABSTRACTS OF GRAVES OF REVOLUTIONARY PATRIOTS: V:3, BY PATRICIA LAW HATCHER also listed, Adolphus Moore buried in the same cemetery.[1]

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