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Frederick was born in Germany at about 1750. His parents were not named in the pension application. Frederick Gleichman was born at about 1743 in Dutchy of Braunschwieg-Lueneberg, Germany. [1]. His siblings were:

  • Lawrence Clickeman (Lawrence Clikeman) (Lawrence Clyckman) (Lawrence Clickman) (Lorenz Gleichman)
  • Chistoph Clickman


Frederick served in the Revolutionary War as a Corporal under the command of Captain DuBois in the regiment of Lt. Col. Martin Willett out of Schoharie County. The amount of time that he served has not been learned, but 3 months of that service has been documented. The name on these documents is shown as Kleeckman, but references within those documents state that the name was also Klickman. The documents are found in a petition filed in 1857 by the surviving children in hopes of securing the pension that they felt that their mother was entitled to. Their pension claim was rejected. [2]

Marriage & Children

At about 1785, according to the statements of his children in 1857, he married Mary Quant in the Town of Guilderland. [2] Frederick Gleichman married Maria Dorthea Quant on June 6, 1784 at the Schoharie Lutheran Church, Schoharie, NY. [1] They had the following children (names also given in the statement of the children):

  • Frederick Kleeckman born in 1786, died in childhood[2] born March 21, 1790 died in 1790. [1]
  • Maria Kleeckman born in 1787 died before 1857[2]She was born on June 6, 1785, no death date known. [1] This is the daughter, Mary, named in Frederick's will and was married to Henry Hurst who was re-married by 1850.
  • Catherine Kleeckman married Luke Schermerhorn[2] Born March 4, 1787, married John Skinner before 1818. He died in Oneida County in 1875, she died in 1871 in Berne. [1] Named in her father's will.
  • Laurence Kleeckman born 1791 died before 1857[2] He was born on May 28, 1791 and died before 1792. [1]
  • Hannah Kleeckman born 1793 not known to have survived to 1857 [2] Born April 8, 1794 at Knox, NY and married Lorentz Schoolcraft. Died in about 1888 at Newark, Tioga Co., NY[1] Named in her father's will.
  • Betsy Kleeckman born in 1795 not known to have survived to 1857[2] Named in her father's will as Elizabeth.
  • Peter Clikeman born August 29, 1798, married Jane Hillegas in 1823, moved to Illinois and died there in 1875.[3][1] One of two sons named in Frederick's will as one of his two living sons.
  • Frederick Kleeckman born 1800[2] Frederick was born on January 7, 1801 at Knox, death date not known[1] Named in his father's will as one of his two living sons.
  • Christina Kleeckman born 1802 wife of Jacob Schermerhorn[2] Named in her father's will


Frederick died in Knox in September of 1823. His wife, Mary, died in Knox on May 4, 1846.

Frederick's Will

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