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Daniel Conkling was born on July 19, 1765 at East Hampton, Suffolk Co., Long Island a son of Ensign Daniel Conkling and Abigail Parsons.

Marriage & Children

On February 16, 1796 he married Isabella Lusk who was born on February 19, 1771 in Stockbridge, a daughter of Thomas Lusk. Their children:

  • Juliana Conkling,born 1792, married Henry Stone, died 1863
  • Daniel Conkling January 9, 1794-January 15, 1871
  • Thomas L. Conkling, Esq. b. Oct 9, 1796-July [?1st] 1850, married Frances M. Hackley
  • George Conkling b. March 19, 1798 No date unknown when young
  • Herod Conkling born April 28, 1800, married Wealthy Hubbs, died March 18, 1847
  • Gurdon Conkling born September 1, 1803, he married Caroline Tremaine, died July [?7th] 1874
  • David Conkling born January 7, 1806, married 1st Almira A. Watson, 2d Caroline A. Clark, died December 25, 1881
  • Albert Conkling born January 11, 1808, married 1st Harriet Hills, 2d Amelia Mills, 3d Sarah Ann Palmer, died December 3, 1878
  • Isabella Conkling was born on July 9, 1809, she married John S. Huyck, died April 11th 1874
  • Judson Conkling born was born at about 1810
  • Abigail Conkling born March 25, 1811,married William Buckley, died July 13, 1876
  • Betsy Conkling born November 11,1812 died unmarried at about 1833
  • Margaret Conkling born April 25, 1817, died in infancy.


Daniel died June 27, 1833. His wife, Isabella died on April 18, 1846

Daniel Conkling’s Will

Additional Information

“Conkling Farm was established by Daniel Conkling who arrived in Rensselaerville, NY from East Hampton, Long Island, around 1806. Tall hemlocks were cleared from much of the land and the hemlock bark was used for tanning by Daniel and his son David. The Conklings, and their Huyck and Eldridge descendents, ran or supported a dairy farm for many years. They also contributed to the business and cultural life of Rensselaerville. In the nineteenth century, Conklings operated one of the many grist mills on Ten Mile Creek, Rensselaerville, and, with a Scots partner, Francis Conkling Huyck started a successful woolen mill for felt production on the creek at the foot of the spectacular falls. Conkling Hall community center, The E. N. Huyck Preserve and Biologic Research Station, and The Rensselaerville Institute are among the family’s cultural legacies. Today, Conkling Farm is operated by Roswell Eldridge, a friend of the environment, retired US public health physician and direct descendent of Daniel Conkling. The farm has been free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers for 60 years.’’

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