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AMVETS, Berne-Knox Post 19
Make, model and year?

There are numerous photos of old cars, trucks, buses and tractors on this site. To browse through them, click on Transportation in the Category section found on in the left column on the main page.

This page which is an attempt to identify as many of these vehicles as possible by year, make and model. Please look at the page and make it like a game. If you think you know the answer:

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  • Thanks to my brother-in-law, Mike Vincent, who has volunteered to get some of his buddies together and try to identify the vehicles on this page.
  • Special thanks to Kathy Sturgess for being the first other than me to post a photo to this page of an Fordson tractor.



Chesebro family car

L-R Luther Sand, Mrs. Chesebro, Watson Chesebro, Eve Chesebro and Morris Chesebro.

Dr. Deitz's new car

This car was owned by Dr. Wallace E. Deitz (1856-1928) who lived in the hamlet of Berne. A current image of the house in the hamlet of Berne is posted on the Berne - Then and Now page. With him is his third wife, Theodora E. Ball (1866-1920) whom he married in 1899. Don't you just love her hat? And notice the two dogs at their feet. His new car is a ...

Gallup Car

Homer Gallup and his daughter Camille in their 19?? Model? Ford.

Wood Car

Warren and Bernice Wood in their ....

Main St. Berne

The cars are ...

East Berne Garage

Ted Quay's Garage.

Cars in front of Allen's Tea Room, now Foxenkill Lodge

What make, model and year for these cars?

Mr. Spencer

Mr. Spencer at the Huntersland Creamery. His car is a ..


Hubert Miller -(Studebaker 1932 ?) - Picture taken spring of 1937.

Old Car

Beauty queens in a ... at Warners Lake.

Roberts Family

Family of Fred Roberts in their ...

Car and snow plow

This photo was taken around ... The snow plow is a ..... The car is a ...

From the 1960's and 70's

These cars are in front of Foxenkill Lodge in 1973. Anyone want to tell us what they are?

Garrison Family Cars

Cars of Omer Becker

Merritt W. Tallman


Berne Fire Trucks

First fire truck for the Berne Volunteer Fire Company was a 1929 Model A Ford truck. The second was a 1928 Model T Ford truck known fondly as the "Village Queen." It is still the pride and joy of the company.

I want a "Now" picture to go with this!

Knox Fire Trucks

Images from the collection of the Knox Fire Department

Bassler Trucking

Peter Bassler picked up milk from local farmers in 10 gal. milk cans weighing upwards of 100# and delivered them to the Sealtest Plant in Schenectady.

Adams Brothers

Freight truck drawing from Berne and East Berne to Albany. Byron Adams driving with his brother Willard Adams. Note the chain driven rear wheels on this ...

E.B.Schoonmaker Trucking

E.B.Schoonmaker Trucking, West Berne.


Bus in Berne

This is a ...

Albany Rensselaerville bus

This is a ...

Berne to Albany Bus

This is a ...

Camp Pinnacle

Camp Pinnacle first bus, a ...

Berne to Albany Bus

Berne to Albany Bus, about 1920. This is a ...

School Bus

One of Berne-Knox-Westerlo school buses. This is a ...



Frank Wright on Farmall tractor, Luella Wright on harvester. This is a ...



Hilda van Allstine from Rensselaerville in 1941 on a ???


If you enjoyed these pictures, you will probably also enjoy looking at the pictures on the Berne - Then and Now page.