Historic Homes

From Westerlo, NY - a Helderberg Hilltown
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Historic Homes

Tell the story of each historic home, when it was built, who lived there, additions, remodeling. Organized by Lot number. Pictures may be used provided you have authority to post them.

Family History and Stories

Unlike the chapters in the proposed books on family history that will be written by individual researchers, the data in this section will be entered by anyone who knows something about the family. Within each section entries are organized alphabetically. Add links to the farms where your ancestors lived, and links to the homes they lived in. Pictures are encouraged.

Family history - Focus on the family units that lived in the town, telling where they came from, what they did while here, when and why they left, and where they went.

Biographies - Over the past two hundred plus years countless people have made Westerlo their home. One of the best part of Helderberg Hilltowns is the ability to view and enter biographies of it's citizens from the past. Please join us in expanding this section by creating a biography that is not already written or adding to one that is already posted. Below you will find a link to biographies thus far for Westerlo. To view all Biographies for the hilltowns click on 'Biographies' on the main menu.

Stories - Family stories

Genealogy - The genealogy of many early Westerlo families can be found in the Hilltowns Genealogy posted on the Berne Historical Project site. Here are additional genealogical charts organized by last name then first name:

Family Photo Albums