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From Westerlo, NY - a Helderberg Hilltown
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- Current Farms - Westerlo Farms, Natural Areas, and Outdoor Recreation has a listing of current farms.
- Historical Farms - The farms are in order by Van Rensselaer Great Lot number which tells approximately (and often precisely) which grid on Beers 1866 map of Westerlo the farm is located. The lot numbers were assigned by Wm. Cockburn when he made his 1787 survey map of the Hilltowns. It is based on a grid a half mile across. This made the typical lot 1/4 square mile (160 acres). The number of the grid is the same as the number of the lot for vacant land. The lots of the squatters who were already there at the time of the survey are irregular in shape and cross grid boundaries.

Click here for the 1787 survey map of the area that is now the town of Westerlo.

The purpose of this site is to tell the story of each farm from the first homesteader to the present. Pictures may be used provided you have authority to post them.

Lot 368 Lot 156