Rensselaerville during the Revolutionary War

From Rensselaerville, NY - a Helderberg Hilltown
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We are attempting to make a list of all hill town men and women who served in the armed forces. If you know someone who served, please add their name to the list. If you know more about any of them, if would be a fitting tribute to them if you would also create a biography of them. Until then, the only thing we can share with viewers of this page is their name.

Please add a name below in alphabetical order. To do so, first register then sign in. You will see an Edit tab to the right. Click on it and enter a name in the sample format shown below. Go the bottom of this page and click Show Preview. The name should then appear in red. If it looks OK, go to the bottom of the page again and click on Save Page. If you click on the name you can then add a biography. You need not write a biography to add a name to the list.

We would like to start a biography for each of these people with the basic data about their military service and anything else you care to add under one or more of the following categories as appropriate:

  • Photo
  • Birth (date, place, parents)
  • Education
  • Military Service
  • Marriage and Children
  • Occupation
  • Death (date and burial)
  • Other Media (newspaper articles, service papers, obituary, etc.)
  • Gallery (photos)

Click on Instructions for Entering Service Personnel for additional help.

Men in the Militia

1840 Census of Pensioners, Albany County, New York
June 1, 1840
Name Age Head of family, with whom residing

Nathan Dayton 82 Nathan Dayton
Doctor Smith 76 Jared Smith
Mathew Mulford 83 Charles L. Mulford
John Rogers 84 Sands Jervis
Mary Bliven 77 Augustus L. Cross
Sylvanus Purrington 85 Sylvanus Purrington
Eliphaz Kilbourn 83 Eliphaz Kilbourn
John J. H. Burnett 83 John J. H. Burnett
Reuben King 75 Asa Woodford
Henry Cline 86 George Benn
Apollos Moore 75 Apolios Moore