Rensselaerville during the Revolutionary War

From Rensselaerville, NY - a Helderberg Hilltown
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As late as the year 1767, a map of Rensselerwyck shows no settlers on the site of the future Rensselaerville, the country being unpopulated except to the roaming tribes of Indians from Stockbridge and Schoharie...There were other pre-revolutionary settlers of this district whose names have come down to us, commerated in many instances by New York State Historical Markers. But to no great extent was the country populated; no deliberate movement made to open up the acreage of Rensselaerwyck that lay beyond the Helderberg till the close of the American Revolution. (Old Rensselaerville - Mary Fisher Torrance)

Most Revolutionary War veterans claimed by Rensselaerville are those who moved to the area after the war. Below are sources of Revolutionary War veterans honored by Rensselaerville:

June 1, 1840 Census of Pensioners, Rennselaerville, Albany County, New York
Name Age Head of family, with whom residing
Nathan Dayton 82 Nathan Dayton
Doctor Smith 76 Jared Smith
Mathew Mulford 83 Charles L. Mulford
John Rogers 84 Sands Jervis
Mary Bliven 77 Augustus L. Cross
Sylvanus Purrington 85 Sylvanus Purrington
Eliphaz Kilbourn 83 Eliphaz Kilbourn
John J. H. Burnett 83 John J. H. Burnett
Reuben King 75 Asa Woodford
Henry Cline 86 George Benn
Apollos Moore 75 Apolios Moore

Men who served in the Militia