Friend's Meeting House at Potter Hollow

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The Potter Hollow Union Church is an active church located at 4824 Potter Hollow Mountain Rd in Potter Hollow. The congregation has a fellowship hall and only uses the actual church building now for special occasions.

The current pastor is Nathan Miles. Services are held Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.[1]


The Quakers were very numerous in early times. A Friend's Meeting House at Potter Hollow was organized about 1795 with about thirty members. The first preacher was was Reuben Palmer and the first house of worship was erected in 1803 on the hill in the middle of the Potter Hollow Cemetery in Potter Hollow. Israel Drake, Timothy Green, Stephen Treadwell were preachers there. Eventually, when nearly all Quakers had all passed away, the church was moved to the present location and was chartered as a community church.[2].

Organization of the Potter Hollow Union Church

The Quaker meeting house was moved from it's location on the hill to the present location Potter Hollow Union Church closer to the road on Potter Hollow Mt. Rd. circa 18__. It was renamed the Potter Hollow Union Church and the congregation is a community congregation. In 2000, the membership began using the Potter Hollow Grange Hall due to the lack of restroom facilities at the church building. The church subsequently bought the building.[1]

The Rensselaerville Historical Society erected a historical marker at the site of the church.

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