Spaurback Family Burying Ground

From Knox, NY - a Helderberg Hilltown
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Transcriptions from 1994 - Source Unknown

6. Behind the White Farm house on White Road

Conbadt Spaurback, died June 22, 1841, aged 39 years, 1 month and 13 days

Far from this world of toil and strife
He is present with the Lord
The labors of his moral life
End in a large reward

Nancy, wife of Conrad Sparbeck, died March 5, 1848, aged 34(?) years

My God hath called and 1 must obey
To meet and with him dwell
This last great debt I must pay
And bid this world farewell

Nancy, wife of Amos Swan, died March 18, 1854, aged 58 years, 3 months and 9 days

Friends and physicians could not save
My mortal body from the grave
Nor can the grave confine me here
When Christ, my Savior, dotty appear

1994 - Spaurback Family Burying Ground