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Nicholas Keenholts, son of Bernard and Eve, died November 23, 1843, aged 21 years

George B. Keenholts, son of Bernard and Eve, died February 17, 1847, aged 21 years

Anna Marla Keenholts, daughter of Bernard and Eve and wife of David Williamson, died May 11, 1853, aged 32 years

About 1/8 mile southwest of the house in the edge of the woods is the grave of a grown person with tall head and foot stones.

27. On the old Barent Lewis Farm, now Peter VanBuren, 300 feet east of the D & H Railroad bridge, twenty stones are enclosed by a stone wall fence. (Across from Dexter's--Bozenkill Road)

Barent Lewis, died 1848, aged 73 years

Caroline Waggoner, wife, died 1867, aged 81 years

Ann Westfall, wife of Peter J. Westfall, died 1841, aged 42 years

John J. Kipp, died 1842, aged 78 years

Ann Lewis; wife, died 1846, aged 75 years

Igness Kipp, died 1826, aged 29 years

John Lewis

One stone marked A. W.

One stone marked A.L.

28. On the farm of Billespie Lawyer, about 400 feet west of the house of the late Charles Seabury on the south side of the road are nine stones. (Now the property of Dees)

Nancy Rollings, wife of Issac Rollings, died 1853, aged 66 years

Erastus W. Williams, M.D., died 1844, aged 31 years (?) Williams and wife

29. The Orlup Family Burial Ground--copied August 26, 1936. (On the north side of Middle Road about 400 feet east of Knox Cave Road)

Henry F. Orlup, born November 15, 1810, died May 30, 1884

Evina Saddlemire, wife, born January 16, 1815, died May 10, 1907

Elizabeth Orlup, died August 10, 1833, aged 4 years and 5 months


Page 17 - Keenholts, Barent Lewis, Lawyer, Orlup Cemeteries