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From Knox, NY - a Helderberg Hilltown
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Elizabeth Nichols, died 1886, aged 84 years

Andrew Vrooman, died about 1850, aged 75 years

Hannah Vrooman, died about 1852, aged (?)

Hannah Terpening, daughter of Henry, aged 21 years and 10 months

Eunice W. Terpening, wife of Henry, died 1834, aged 30 years

George H. Snyder, died 1843, aged 78 years

Hannah, his first wife, died 1798, aged 35 years

Deborah, his second wife, died 1833, aged 72 years

Hannah, his third wife, died 1835, aged 73 years

Sarah Snyder, wife of Abner VanBenscoten, died 1858, aged 67 years

One stone marked with symbols

22. On the old. Wiliiamson farm, now the Gage farm, north- east of Lee's Church, about 400 feet north or the road leading to Bozenkill Hollow and on the west bank of a ravine a few feet west of the old red house. (Now the property of Murphy)

John Williamson, died November 30, 1923, aged 75 years

John Williamson, died February, 1842, aged 84 years

Elizabeth Williamson, wife of Henry Ostrander, died September 27, 1863, in her 80th year

Peter Williamson, died October 3, 1866, aged 68 years

William Williamson, died November 15, 1872, aged 77 years, 9 months, 21 days

Mary, wife of William Williamson, died February 17, 1875, aged 74 years, 1 month and 25 days

There are eight gravestones here without inscriptions. (Oct. 31, 1936)

23. On the old Quackenbush farm on the road leading east from Lee's Church and about 1000 feet north of the barn along an old stone wall fence. This graveyard is enclosed by a low stone wall fence. Fourteen stones ore visible, nine of which are common field stones, four of them adults and five of them are children. The following have white stones. (On Craven Road-- now the property of Price)

Jacob Quackenbush, died February 3, 1823, in his 60th year

Mary, his wife, died January 7, 1836, aged 82 years

(Erected by Michael Lee and Jane Quackenbush. She was a daughter of Michael Lainhart of Dunnsville.)

Jacob Quackenbush, died June 17, 1843, aged 45 years

John Quackenbush, died December 6, 1830, aged 39 years 3 months and 13 days

Mary Ann, wife of Jacob Auchampaugh, died December 6, 1844, aged 26 years, 1 month and 25 days

Page 15 - Snyder, Williamson, Quackenbush Cemeteries