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The information in entries numbers 18-29 was taken from a list compiled by William A. Brinkman, Guilderland Town Historian, entitled A MEMORIAL—RECORDS OF EARLY BURIAL PLACES ON THE FARMS IN THE TOWN OF GUILDERLAND, NEW YORK AND SURROUNDING TOWNS, dated 1940.

We have added information regarding locations of the sites and other pertinent notes.

18. On the old Brunk Farm, now (1932) the Ketcham Farm, at the head of the Indian Ladder Road, there are thirty graves with field stones with no inscriptions and five with inscriptions. (This site no longer exists.)

Thomas Tygert, died February 10, 1825, aged 56 years

Elizabeth, wife of Mathews Brunk, died June 5, 1839, aged 31 years, 1 month and 13 days

Anna, wife of Jacob Hillman, died August 11, 1855, aged 32 years

Nicholas Brunk, died December 27, 1842, aged 62 years

Elizabeth Brunk, wife, died May 1, 1865, aged 8O years

19. On the old Lewis Farm, west of Lee's Church, and on the east side of Merrill Baker's stone wall fence, on a knoll north of the highway. (300-400 feet north of Church and 3/10 mile west of Beebe Road)

Rev. Wesson Gage, died July 29, 1847, aged 54. years and 21 days

Martha Gage, died August 15, 1843, aged 48 years, 6 months and 25 days

Lorena Gage, died October 26, 1841, aged 16 years, 3 months and 20 days

Several field stones with no inscriptions mark graves along the stone wall fence.

20. On the old Ostrander Farm south of the Bozenkill Creek. (Approximateiy 1 mile off Bozenkili Road on Ostrander Road)

Jacob Ostrander, died August 30, 1861, aged 88 years and 2 months

Catharine, his wife, died February 17, 1855, aged 80 years, 6 months

Michael Shrader, died April 1, 1855, aged 72 years, 9 months

Jemima Ostrander, wife, died September 24, 1860, aged 77 years, 8 months

Charles Ostrander, died 1872, aged 72 years

Elizabeth Schrader, wife, died ?

William Ostrander, born August 5, 1828, died December 22, 1897

Margaret Jane Ostrander, wife, born September 1, 1833,


Page 13 - Brunk, Lewis, Ostander Cemeteries