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From Knox, NY - a Helderberg Hilltown
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The locations of the cemeteries are as follows: (See map below for locations)

A. Knox Cemetery - East of Knox on Route 156.
B. Old Knox Cemetery - Route 156 across from Knox Firehouse.
C. High Point Cemetery - Corner of Route 156 and Old Stage Road.
D. Lee's Church Cemetery - Knox Cave Road, two miles north of Route 146.

The locations of family cemeteries are:

1. Saddlemire Road, first hedge-row on left side.
2. North side of Middle Road., .2 mile east of Beebe Road.
3. Nash Road, .2 mile north of Route 146, on west side of the road beside Nature Conservancy.
4. Van Auken burial site, on east side of Knox Cave Road.
5. Stan William's Farm, on east side of Knox Cave Road.
6. White Road, behind White farm house.
7. Bozenkill Road , on the north bank between Pulliam's home and the Van Buren farm.
8. Quay Road, southeast of the Helderberg Rod & Gun Club.
9. Corner of Quay and Bell Roads, across from the pond.
10. Knox Cave Road, on the Feldman property, west of West Wind Road.
11. Route 156, across from Witter Road.
12. Pleasant Valley Road, on State Property (Old Bardkley Farm) off Route 156.
13. Route 156, west of the Altamont Reservoir (across from the dam bridge).
14. Zimmer Road, Schoonmaker burial site, southeast of Crounse Road.
15. At the end of Gibb's Road, off Knox Cave Road.
16. Church Road, near the Town line.
17. Quay Road, on right side one mile north of Route 146.
18. Ketcham Road, near Ketcham's farm on old Brunk farm (site destroyed) .
19. Church Road, on the Lewis farm, on the north knoll near junction of Beebe Road.
20. Colliton Road, one mile off Bozenkill Road on Ostrander farm.
21. South side of Bozenkill Road, on Peterson farm (old Snyder farm).
22. Bozenkill Road, .5 mile west of West Wind Road (old Williamson farm).
23. Craven Road, on Price property (old Quackenbush farm).
24. Knox-Gallupville Road, 1.5 miles from village on Whipple property (site destroyed).
25. Knox Cave Road, .7 mile north of Lee's Church (old Burman's farm).
26. Lewis Road, Strnad property (old Keenholts and Lewis farms).
27. North side of Bozenkill Road, 300 ft. east of D & H Railroad.
28. South side of Route 146, Dees' property (old Lawyer farm).
29. North side of Middle Road, 400 ft. east of Knox Cave Road.

List courtesy of Dan Driscoll, Knox.

Detailed Knox map showing cemeteries and other resources.