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June E. Gibbs used many local vendors to establish and maintain the Green Acres Mobile Home Park.

Some of the companies are still in business. For more current information on:

Schoharie Nurseries visit www.guernseysnurseries.com

Cape Cod Fence visit www.capecodfence.com

Ted Quay's Garage visit Quay's Garage

Marshall Stevens visit Stevens, Marshall

Marshall Stevens - Marshall Stevens, Knox, N. Y. 12107 provided heating oil and gas to the trailer park. In July of 1970 the company was charging 32.5 cents per gallon for Mobil Gas.
Greenville Septic Tank Service - Greenville Septic Tank Service, RD #2, Greenville, N. Y., 12083 provided a necessary service for June E. Gibbs at Green Acres.
Cape Cod Fencing - Cape Cod Fencing provided fencing for the trailer court.
Howard L. Gage, Inc. - Howard L. Gage, Inc., 102 Prospect Terrace, Altamont, was a local business support by June Gibbs.
Schoharie Nurseries - F. A. Guernsey & Company, Inc. – Schoharie Nurseries, Schoharie, N. Y. did some of the landscaping for the Green Acres Mobil Court.
Ted Quay’s Garage of East Berne, N. Y., was a local business support by June Gibbs.