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Young Women's Summer Camp.

We often hear of a community within a community and still we often do not realize that this condition is realized in our own part of the country. The only way most of the people in the village of Altamont know the Young Women's Summer Camp is by occasionally seeing a group of campers at the station waiting for the livery to take them up the mountain. Once In a while some find their way up the mountain themselves and always go away from the camp feeling its welcome and usually surprised to see its splendid group of young women, its equipment and to know of some of the good times enjoyed there. There are certain features of the camp that all visitors enjoy: In the Ice Cream Shack, ice cream and home-made candy are sold ; in the camp store souvenirs of Indian basket work, Japanese pictures, calendars, brass and leather gifts are found. All are reasonable so that each girl finds it possible to remember her friends while away. On Tuesday and Friday evenings all visitors are welcome at the camp-fire. The girls are taught how to build a real log fire and for hours stories are told, songs are sung and stunts by different groups of girls are given. On Sundays at four o'clock a Vesper Service is held. Good speakers lead each Sunday and many enjoy this inspiration on the mountain top for if weather permits it is held out doors. In all these gatherings visitors feel that never could be found a happier group of people and all of them carry some of this happiness away with them. It is hoped that more will visit the camp for in many ways it belongs to the people of Altamont.

Altamont Enterprise - August 1, 1913