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Salvation Army Camp To Run On Full-Time

Acquired In ’29 By Salvation Army, In Disuse Five Years; Formerly Cassidy’s Castle

The Salvation Army state camp near Altamont will be run on a full-time basis this summer for the first time, it has been announced. The camp, acquired by the Salvation Army in 1929, was in disuse for five years and last year was operated part time.

Formerly Cassidy’s Castle horse farm, the property passed through various hands before the Salvation Army acquired it and started transformation of the horse training track and buildings into a summer castle.

The castle itself at the entrance of the farm has passed into disuse and if of interest because of the Oriskany stone and fossil filled rock of its outer walls. This rock dates back to the glacier period.

The camp will house 150 boys and girls and 20 mothers during the summer season under the direction of the Salvation Army. Opening shortly after schools close, it will operate until Labor Day, with each child attending for 10 days.

The stable formerly used to house race horses has been remodeled into sleeping quarters for boys, he former quarter-mile training track developed into a playground and the former driving shed into a girls’ dormitory.

A new well is under construction and the observation platform is bring rebuilt. A camp hospital has been rebuilt in one of the farm buildings and a community dining hall constructed as well as an administration building.

Fifteen Salvation Army officers from the Capital District will have charge of camp activities during the summer, teaching wood working, scouting, woodcraft, nature study, games and general camping.

Problem before the Salvation Army officers is what to do about swimming facilities. There is no pool on the camp property although there are sufficient springs to feed one. Boys and girls will be taken to Thompson’s Lake this summer. Officers estimate a swimming pool cound be constructed at the camp for approximately $1,500.

Altamont Enterprise, Friday May 2, 1941