Knox - Cassidy Castle - History to 1934

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Old Castle Keeps Vigil on the Hill above Altamont.

Edward R. Cassidy Built The House of Stone Overlooking Valley Below

The old stone castle which has kept its vigil on the hill west of Altamont, overlooking the peaceful valleys below, for nearly half a century, stands today as it was erected by Edward R. Cassidy.

The castle was built by Mr. Cassidy about 45 years ago. He built it for a home only, and its castle like design was an original idea. Mr. Cassidy is now living in France.

Some years ago, after its construction, Mr. Cassidy turned the castle over to a Mrs. Christie of Albany who was connected with an Albany Bible School. She later turned it over to the Y. W. C. A. but later again it fell into the hands of Mrs. Christie.

It has since been purchased by the Salvation Army. Although it is not used every summer, it is employed from time to time as a place for children to enjoy the out-of-doors. As many as 300 children have neen encamped there. During the past summer it was used for about three weeks.

Mr. Cassidy also owns about 160 acres of land near the castle. Here he raised race horses and maintained a race track. He is also owner of the old Keenholts place on the Star Route. Mr. Cassidy’s son, Robert, resides there now.

Picture Caption: The Old Cassidy Castle – This structure stands today as erected about 45 years ago by Edward R. Cassidy, who built it for a home. The castle has been purchased by the Salvation Army, and as many as 300 children have encamped there.

Altamont Enterprise – October 19, 1934