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Helderberg Hall Dedicated

New Building Gift of Second Presbyterian Church of Albany to Altamont Camp, Opened up to the Service of Young Women, Last Saturday

One of the great joys of life is to have dreams long cherished really come true. Such a joy was experienced on Saturday, June 26, when the friends of the Young Women’s Summer Camp at Altamont gathered to attend the dedication service which opened up Helderberg Hall, the gift of the Second Presbyterian church of Albany, to the service of young women.

One realized how many friends the Camp has as he saw the large number who listened to Rev. J. V. Moldenhawer’s splendid sermon and learned that they came from Albany, Schenectady, the village of Altamont, the Hill colony and the country round about.

The ability of the Camp management to take care of the crowds of girls was tested when 300 people enjoyed the good supper prepared by Aunt Jenny and her helpers. After that experience one is sure a Camp girl never goes hungry.

But the feature of the day which let you into the secret of Camp’s activities and fun was the big camp fire which was lighted as the dusk fell and the afterglow of the sunset had faded from the sky. While the flames leaped upward the girls went through the ceremony which always attend the lighting of the fire.

Then followed the reading of a poem in the meter of Hiawatha which told of the activities of a typical day at Camp. Accompanying the reading was a pantomime illustrating the poem and many were the peals of laughter as the well known, much beloved features of Altamont passed before the flaming fire. After singing the camp songs the happy day came to a close.

The camp is always open to visits from its friends and no one need wait for a special occasion. There was Vespers every Sunday afternoon in Helderberg Hall, and everyone is cordially invited to attend.

Altamont Enterprise - July 2, 1915