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Camp Ready to Open

Arrangements are being made for the opening of the Young Women's Summer camp, the season to open June 1st and close Sept. 4th. Miss Sarah B. Matthews, of New York city, will again be in charge. There are accommodations for 200 in cottages, tents and houses. The administration building, which was formerly known as the "Castle," the residence of the Cassidy family is ideally situated, while about it are the tents and dining halls. Bible and Mission study classes are open to those who want them, while there will be a trained physical director to direct the sports. Each guest is to bring two sheets, pillow slips and towels, a warm wrap and a pair of rubbers. During July and August, the crowded months, only women under thirty-five years are received and guests are expected to remain only two weeks. This summer the Extension club council of the Y. W. C A. will be held at Altamont instead of Silver Bay from July l to 11.

Altamont Enterprise - May 3, 1913