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The Schenectady Boys' Club has acquired a 40-acre site near Altamont that will serve as a summer playground for its members.

Located on Altamont hill in 'the Town of Knox, the property-formerly was operated for 25 years by the Salvation Army as a fresh air camp for young people. Years ago it was the site of the famed "Cassidy Castle."

Purchased for an undisclosed amount, it comes equipped with 21 buildings, including a large, recreation hall, dining hall, dormitory, six bunkhouses, a large garage, pump house and several staff cottages. Its use by the Boys' Club, however, will be confined to that of a day-camp because an overnight program would be too costly, according to George J. Jackson, past president of the club's board of directors.

Jackson said the camp will go into operation next summer -but added that a great deal of work must be done beforehand.

"We can't just walk in and use it," he said. "There are repairs and Changes to be made and many items to be stocked."

The official noted that the club's membership now totals about 1,700, some 700 to 800 in the Union St branch and the remainder in the Rotterdam and Carman branches.

He said the Altamont camp will be able to accommodate at least 300 boys at a time and added that portions of the facilities may be made available to other local organizations with similar programs.

The Salvation Army agreed to sell the property, it was reported, after it acquired a larger site for its program near Glens Falls.

Negotiations for the land acquisition by the club have been underway since last summer, Jackson reported.

Altamont Enterprise February 15, 1957