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This Year's Camp Will Combine Educational and Recreational Features. Several Conferences to Be Held. Camp Has Capacity for 275 Girls.

The "Y. W." camp at Altamont will open on Saturday, June 16th, It is planned that this year's camp will have both educational and recreational features. Annual conferences will take place here this year and delegates will have a chance to enjoy camp life and at the same time meet for discussion.

Delegates to the first conference will arrive on July 3 for a two weeks' stay. The delegates will be self-supporting young women who are giving their vacations over to the discussion of international problems and the responsibilities of citizenship. The majority of the meetings will be outdoors, and between times there will be hikes, beach parties, campfire sings and the usual sports. Well known speakers will address the delegates on the development of leadership among girls of today, and Bible study win also be a feature of the conference.

On July 18th. girls in their teens, members of the Girl Reserves, the junior Y. W. C. A. organization, will arrive in camp for their conference. They have been urged "to come with the spirit of adventure and friendliness that will make for good times, new friends and higher ideals."

Girls and women employed in industries, factories and plants will come to Altamont on August 18th. Sent 1st will mark the end of this conference, the last of the season.

For girls of the Capital district who desire to pass their vacations in camp. Altamont opens, July 3rd. The season extends to Sept. 3rd. From June 16th to July 3rd older women, school girls and girls not self-supporting will be welcomed at Altamont, and at this time mothers may come with their daughters. The camp capacity is 275 girls, with accommodations divided between tents, barracks and canvas-sided shacks.

Altamont Enterprise June 1, 1923