Kiwanis Club of the Helderbergs Henry Hudson Presentation

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Captain Henry Hudson kept Kiwanis spellbound - Altamont Enterprise - March 10, 2011

Captain Henry Hudson kept Kiwanis spellbound

— Photo submitted by Raymond Lauenstein

Playing the part: Norman Bauman of Altamont portrays Henry Hudson for the Kiwanis Club of the Hilltowns.

To the Editor:

At its regular meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 23, at the Highlands restaurant, The Kiwanis Club of the Hilltowns was visited by Henry Hudson.

During his excellent presentation, Henry Hudson described what life was like on the Hudson River during his four trips to the area. He and his crew were in awe of the beauty of the river valley and particularly enjoyed the fresh clean drinking water of the Hudson. So many things they found — such as flowers, trees, animals and, of course, the natives — were new to them.

Captain Hudson described the hardships of life on ships of the day — the poor quality of the food; lack of fresh water; disease; and, of course, fear of the unknown as they sought a passage to the East. He held the members of Kiwanis spellbound as they learned things they never knew.

Little is known about Henry Hudson except for a period of about four years when he was in the area. In a mutiny by his crew, he and a few members of the crew loyal to him were set adrift in ice fields and never heard from again.

Captain Hudson was portrayed by Norman Bauman of Altamont, an outstanding interpreter of this great historical figure.

The Hilltown Kiwanis Club welcomes all who are interested in a club that works hard in support of projects for the community. Please feel free to join us every Wednesday for supper at 6:30 p.m. and find out what we are all about. We are always glad to welcome your interest.

Raymond Lauenstein Kiwanis member

Altamont Enterprise - March 10, 2011