Cassidy Family - William Cassidy Obituary II

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Death of Hon. William Cassidy

It was with regret that we read yesterday the brief telegraphic announcement of the death of Hon. Wm. Cassidy, editor and proprietor of the Albany Argus. Mr. Cassidy died at half past four o’clock yesterday morning. No particulars have reached us as yet, but as we had not heard that he was ill, we presume his death was quite sudden and unexpected. He had felt the effects of application to business for sometime past, and it was hi purpose soon to make a trip to Europe for rest and recuperation of his health.

Mr. Cassidy was an old and able journalist, and has been connected with the Argus for many years, having previously published the Albany Atlas. He was an honored member of the Democratic party, and his loss will be generally regretted. He was a member of the constitutional commission now in session At Albany; and the body adjourned yesterday out of regard for his memory, after listening to general eulogies pronounced upon him by members present.

Auburn Morning News January 24, 1873