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Marriage of an Editor

Mr. William Cassidy, well known as the editor of The Albany Atlas, was yesterday united in marriage to Miss Lucie Rochefort, daughter of B. Rochefort, Esq., of this city. Mr. Cassidy was chief editor of The Atlas for a period of ten years, and since The Argus and Atlas were merged into one journal, in January last, he has continued to be the principal editor.— Mr. Cassidy belongs to the Soft wing of the Democratic party in this State, but he has now yielded to the softer influence of another party, and consented to a hymenial, as he is known to favor a conchological fusion. Annexed is an account of the interesting matrimonial exercises which took place yesterday morning at the Church of St. Anne.(Catholic,) Astor place. The ceremony, which commenced at 10 A. M., and lasted about an hour and a quarter, was conducted by the Rev. Dr. Forbes, pastor of the Church, and his assistant, the Rev. Mr. Hinsella. There was quite a large number in attendance, but many were doubtless kept away by the rain. Among those present we observed Bishop Laughlin of Brooklyn, the Very Rev. J. J. Conroy, Vicar-General from Albany, and the Rev. George McCloskey, pastor of the Church of the Nativity.

The marriage rites were of course conducted in the Roman Catholic form, and the exercises were solemn and impressive. Weber's Mass was performed by the choir. Mr. De Witt Clinton Cassidy, the groom's brother, officiated as groomsman, and Miss Felicia Rochefort, sister of the bride, as bridesmaid. Mr. Cassidy, the bridegroom, is a tall, fine-looking gentleman, seemingly about 35 years of age, and wears glasses. The bride is pretty, blooming, and dignified ; she was dressed very tastefully, in a rich white moir antique, illusion vail, wreath of orange flowers, with brooch, earrings, and bracelets of pearls. At the conclusion of the ceremony—the usual congratulations f friends being omitted—the bridal party immediately left the Church, and were to set off the same day en route for Washington and Richmond, to be absent until the 25th last. Mr. Cassidy, being a delegate to the Cincinnati Convention, will probably take a trip thither next month with his bride.—N. Y. Tribune, Friday.

Syracuse Daily Standard, May 12, 1856