Cassidy Family - Robert I. Cassidy receives $50,000

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Altamont Soldier Is Granted Trust Fund

More than two years litigation over a trust fund in an Albany estate ended last Thursday when Surrogate Edward G. Rogan issued a decree authorizing payment of nearly $50,000 to Sgt. Robert I. Cassidy, Altamont, home on furlough after overseas service.

The decree settled and approved accounts of the National Commercial Bank and Trust company, trustee of the fund, created under the will of Sgt. Cassidy’s grandmother, the late Lucia R. Cassidy.

The will provided life income from the trust to Sgt. Cassidy’s father, E. R. Cassidy, who died Oct. 8, 1942, in what was then occupied France. Efforts of the soldier to prove his father’s death resulted in long litigation.

Sgt. Cassidy previously paid $11,313.98, sought additional funds from the trust, alleging he is the sole heir of his father, and entitled under his grandmother’s will, to the principal. He filed objections to the bank’s previous accounting, but later withdrew them, and signing of the decree followed.

The bank was allowed $1,445.26 in commissions, and $2,260 costs and allowances for services of Dugan, Barkhuff and Dugan. Previous commissions of $3,480.97 for the bank also were ratified. M. Michel Dobris was special guardian. Edouard L. Dunne, New York city, was counsel for Sgt. Cassidy.

Altamont Enterprise May 18, 1945