Cassidy Family - 1945 Legal Action

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By The Grace of God Independent and Free

TO:-Fidelity and Casualty Company of New York, 80 Maiden Lane, New York City; Edward R. Cassidy, Life Beneficiary, formerly a resident of Altamont, New York, but believed to have departed this life at Port Blanc, Baden, France, on October 8th, 1942; The People Of the State of New York;, State Tax Commission of the State of New York, Albany, N. Y.; Leo T . Crowley, 120 Broadway, New York City, New York, Alien Property Custodian; State Safe Deposit Company, 75 State Street; Albany, New York; St. Peter's Hospital, Albany, New York; Nelle Irvin Cassidy, widow, Altamont, Albany County, New .York; Robert Irvin Cassidy, Altamont. Albany County, N. Y., son of decedent; State Bank of Albany, 73 State Street. Albany, N. Y., Executor, of the Last Will and Testament Thomas Hun, deceased;' said' Thomas Hun was named as Executor in a Will, made by said decedent, Edward R. Cassidy; "John Doe" and “Richard Roe" intending to designate the Executor of will which said decedent Edward R,. Cassidy may have left during his life time and who are unknown to Petitioner, And all others interested in the trust, created under the will of William R. Cassidy, deceased; late of the City and County of Albany, for the life benefit of Edward R . Cassidy for St. Peter's Hospital in remainder, SEND Greetings…

Altamont Enterprise February 2, 1945