1994 Town of Knox Comprehensive Plan: Knox at War

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Knox at War

Many in Knox fought in the early wars. Capt. Benjamin Fowler, Lt. Henry Dennison, Capt. Elisha Williams, and James Dyer, orderly to General George Washington, served in the Revolutionary War and their graves are found at High Point Cemetery. Col. Asa Abbot whose grave is in a small plot lo cated off the Knox - Gallupville Road(35) and Amos Torrey, Silas Blodgett, and John Saddlemire, all buried in the Knox Cemetery, also fought in this war. Landmarks of Albany County list six men from the Town of Knox as serving in the War of 1812. The Civil War found 77 volunteers from the Town of Knox; their names are recorded in Tenney and Howell's History of Albany County . World War I sent more of the Town's young men to fight, and in 1945 young men and women again went, as many also did in the wars that followed.