Instructions for Uploading and Displaying Graphics

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
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Graphics can be added to any page at any time.

Get a User Name and Password and Log In

1. Email John Elberfeld at [email protected]

a. In your email, include you full name, a User Name and Password you want to use, and the email address you want associated with the site
b. John will create an account with your unique user name and password on all SIX wikis that make up this site.
c. You will receive six emails, one for each site.
d. Please reply to each email to confirm your information.

2. Log In to the site

a. Click Log In in the very top right hand corner of the screen on the site where you want to add or edit data.
b. Enter your User Name and Password. BOTH ARE CASE SENSITIVE!
c. You may choose to be remembered for 180 days.
d. You must log into each wiki where you want to add or edit data.

Prepare your Picture

1. The only graphic formats that can be uploaded are: png, gif, jpg, jpeg.

a. Large files take too long, so resize your picture so they are around 800 pixels across or less. This size lets users zoom in on details.
b. Regular digital photos are TOO BIG and must be reduced in size.
c. Most graphics programs have a Save As option where you can choose jpg as an option
d. MediaWiki file names as case sensitive. Flag.jpg, flag.jpg, Flag.JPG, flag.jpeg, flag.JPG are all different files as far was the program is concerned. The safest way to refer to a file is to copy and paste its name.
e. Name your picture in a way that can help users identify what they are seeing from just the file name.

Display a Single Picture

a. A typical format to display a single picture is:
[[File:Grave-Knox-HanesElias.jpg|300px|thumb|right|<center>Knox Cemetery - Elias Hanes</center>]]
b. 300px is the width, thumb is the display style, right is the alignment (center and left are options)
c. Text after the vertical pipe "|" is the caption which will be centered because of the <center> tags.
d. An inline graphic could be:

Working with Galleries

1. Galleries are good for displaying many pictures that are related to each other, as postcards of Knox Cave, or graves of family members.

a. A typical gallery has the format below. You can have as many pictures as you want in a gallery.


b. Replace {filename} with the name of your file, and {caption} with the caption of the picture.
d. Click on Edit for any page to see how other writers have created their pages.
e. Below is a typical gallery as it appears on a page.

Jim Hamilton

Jim and family enjoy watching the sun set over Mr. Van Rensselaer's Lot 594.

f. The code for the above gallery is:

==Jim Hamilton==
Jim and family enjoy watching the sun set over Mr. Van Rensselaer's [[b:Lot 594|Lot 594]].
Image:Thatcher_Park.JPG|<center> Fall drive through Thatcher Park, October 2009</center>
Image:Thatcher_view.JPG|<center>Fall Colors from the Overlook</center>
Image:Escarpment.JPG|<center>Valley view from the Helderberg Escarpment</center>
Image:Grain_sunset1.jpg|<center>Sunset over the Switzkill Valley June 2006</center>

Upload your Pictures

1.Start the Upload process

a. Copy the caption of the picture as it appears on the page.
b. Click on Upload File in the left navigation column
c. Paste the caption you just copied into Summary text box
d. After the caption enter at least category, like [[Category:All Images]] [[Category:Natural History]]
e. Browse to the image you want to download, click on its name, and choose Open
f. Click on Upload

2. Check your work

a. If you have already entered the file name in a gallery listing, the name of the page containing the picture should appear toward the bottom of the page.
b. If no page name appears, chances are excellent you have a typing error in the name of the file on the page where you want the picture to appear.
c. Copy the name of the picture file, navigate back to the page with with picture, edit the page, and paste the correct picture name into your page code.
e. You picture should now appear on the page.
f. Sometimes there is a delay between your picture entry and when it can show up. If you see a blue box instead of your picture, click on the blue box to see an enlargement of the picture. Eventually a thumbnail will be created and displayed on the page.