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Robert was born November 29, 1830, in Westerlo, a son of Robert L. Simpkin and Phoebe Powell, he of Westerlo, and she of Long Island.[1]

Occupation and Avocation

Robert P. Simpkin has always followed farming and is the owner of 111 acres of land, forty acres of homestead settled by his grandfather and seventy-one which he bought.
In politics Mr. Simpkin is a Democrat and he and his family attend and support a Christian church. [1]

Marriage & Children

In 1855 he married Margaret, daughter of Nathaniel Holmes and his wife,Sally Holmes of Westerlo, and they have three children:[1]

  • Alice Simpkin, widow of Daniel Lockwood, who died 1894[1]
  • Ellison Simpkin, who died, aged eighteen years[1]
  • Jennie Simpkin, wife of Emery Palmer, farmer and thrasher of Greenville, Greene county, N. Y.[1]



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