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Sarah Conger was born in New Jersey about 1760. Her parents have not yet been determined, but she was a member of the Conger family whose members have made many contributions to American history.

Marriage & Children

Sarah married Silas Sayre on 1 February 1785 in New Windsor, NY. They had the following children:

  • Clarissa, baptized 7/20/1788, married John Fitch.
  • Elizabeth, born 1/28/1786, married Daniel Denton.
  • James Harvey, baptized 1/26/1797, married 12/27/97 to Sallie G. Horton.
  • William N. (b. 3/3/1808 Rensselaerville), married Sally Ann Marshall.
  • Silas, baptized 7/21/1793, died in infancy.
  • Sally Ann, died unmarried at Rensselaerville.
  • Silas Sayre Jr., born 5/3/1807, married Nancy Palmer.
  • Polly, baptized 2/1/1796, died in infancy.
  • David, moved to Crawford, IN.
  • Elvira, married Samuel Martin of Charlottesville, Otsego County, NY.
  • Benjamin Franklin Sayre (b. 11/15/1810 Rensselaerville, d. 2/21/1893), married Lucinda Wickes.


Sarah Sayre died circa 1843 in NY.


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