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Throughout the documents found with his name it is spelled Matthias Reinhardt, including his own signature


Matthias was born on September 22, 1764 at East Camp, Columbia County, NY, a son of George Freidrich Reinhart and Catherine Frolich[1]His siblings were:

He was living at Beaverdam in the County of Albany when he entered the service, and he continued to live at the Town of Berne until about 1834 when he moved to Worster in the County of Otsego. At about 1837, he removed to Schoharie.[2] He eventually moved to Greenbush in Rensselaer County, NY.


He volunteered for service on May 1, 1779 at Beaverdam in Colonel Vrooman’s Regiment under Captain Deitz and headquartered at a fort in Beaverdam called Wedeman Fort. He chiefly scouted and kept guard he was discharged on the 20th of November.
Again in the year 1780, he volunteered on May 1st in the same company and regiment at the same place in Beaverdam until about November 20th when he was again discharged. In this service, they kept their headquarters at Switz’s kill Fort in Beaverdam, which was about 2 miles from Wedeman’s Fort.
In early May of 1782, he again volunteered in the same company and at the same place as his last previous service, and was discharged in November of that same year.

Marriage & Children

Matthias married Tina Clow at about 1794[1]. Their known children were:

  • William Reinhart b. August 30, 1795[1]
  • Elisabeth Reinhart b. January 26, 1797[1]
  • Gretchen Reinhart b. August 12, 1800[1]
  • Johannes Reinhart b. August 26, 1802[1]
  • Peter Reinhart b. August 26, 1804[1]
  • Lidia Reinhart b. June 16, 1811[1]

His first wife died sometime between June and October of 1811 Matthias then married Sarah Seiber on October 4, 1811 at Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church, Schoharie. They had the following known children: [3]

  • Jacob Reinhart born March 10, 1814
  • Maria Anna Reinhart born July 27, 1816
  • unnamed male born in May of 1820


Matthias died on November 18, 1847 in Greenbush, Rensselaer Co., NY. His widow, Sarah, applied for his pension on September 30, 1853 in Troy.[2] but no record of her is found other than her declaration.


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