Nevins, Robert

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Robert is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Nevins.[1]

Military Service

Served as a helicopter pilot.[1]

Other Media

Robert Nevins of Westerlo (seated), one of eight outstanding veterans of the Vietnam conflict recently honored at a national award ceremony in Washington, is shown here trying out Congressman Samuel S. Stratton's Washington desk during a tour of the U.S. Capitol. Nevins, a former Vietnam helicopter pilot who is in the process of establishing a unique helicopter-ambulance service in some 17 upstate counties, is accompanied by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Nevins, also of Westerlo. Nevin's helicopter-ambulance service is designed to provide emergency transportation to the Albany Medical Center for new born babies suffering from birth complications. The awards to Nevins and seven other Vietnam veterans, which were made by the national organization known as "No Greater Love," were presented in a special ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Congressman Stratton was the person who nominated Nevins for the award.

Published as an annotation to a photograph in the Altamont (NY) Enterprise, Page 12, 11 Nov 1977 Issue.


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