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Alexander Mackey born January 20, 1764 in New Paltz, Ulster County, New York[1]

Marriage & Children

Alexander married Elizabeth Woolsey who was born July 22, 1769 on December 25, 1785 in New Windsor, New York. They removed to Rensselaerville in 1786. [1]

Their children:

  • Nancy Mackey born January 24, 1789 at Rensselaerville married June 16, 1805, Bethuel Reeve [1]
  • Silas Mackey born July 13, 1791 at Rensselaerville married January 5, 1811, Betsy Lee[1]
  • Alexander Mackey, Jr. born December 16, 1793 at Rensselaerville married May 16, 1819 or 1823, Mary Wicks[1]
  • Daniel A. Mackey born April 12, 1796 at Rensselaerville[1]
  • Polly Mackey born October 2, 1798 at Rensselaerville married May 4, 1818, William Lawrence [1]
  • Celicia Mackey born January 31, 1801[1] died December 31, 1875(burials at Medusa Cemetery) at Rensselaerville married April 30, 1825, Elisha Lounsbury[1], born 1795, died September 28, 1867 at Rensselaerville [2]a son of Nathan and Patience Davis Lounsbury [3]
  • Willet L. Mackey born June 29, 1803 at Rensselaerville married March 14, 1827, Elizabeth Dean. [1]
  • Eliza Mackey born February 15, 1806 at Rensselaerville[1]married Orrin Wicks
  • Hannah Mackey born January 20, 1810 at Rensselaerville[1]

The following children were living in 1852—Nancy Reeve, Alexander Mackey, Daniel A. Mackey, Celicia Lounsbury, Willet L. Mackey, all residing in Rensselaerville, New York, Polly Lawrence residing in Yates County, New York and Silas Mackey residing in the State of Ohio. [1]

Alexander Mackey, son of Willet L. Mackey, was living in 1877 in Rensselaerville, New York[1]

Polly Kilbourn, sister of the soldier, Alexander Mackey, was living in 1844 in Rensselaerville, New York. [1]Her husband was also a Revolutionary War veteran.

Benjamin Mackey, brother of the soldier, Alexander Mackey, was living in 1844 in Rensselaerville, New York. [1]

Military Service

While a resident of New Windsor, Orange County, New York, Alexander Mackey enlisted sometime in April, or May, 1776, and served five months as fifer in Captain John Nichols’ New York company. He enlisted sometime in April or May, 1777, served four months as fifer in Colonels Pawling’s and McClaghry’s New York Regiment.
He moved in the fall of 1777, with his father’s family (no names given) to New Paltz, New York, and served in the spring or summer of 1779, about one month as private under Lieutenant Scutt or Scott. He served as substitute for his brother, William Mackey, from sometime in October, 1780, three months as private in Captain Vanderburgh’s company, Colonel Willett’s New York Regiment. He enlisted sometime in April 1781, and was a private in Captain Gilbert Livingston’s company, Colonel Pawling’s regiment, after a service of six months, he joined Governor Clinton’s Guard, in which he served three months. He later served in Captain Peleg Ransom’s company, dates of this service not shown.

Sources Used: Revolutionary War Pension and Widow’s Pension application for Alexander Markey.


Alexander Mackey died on October 5, 1843 at Rensselaerville, NY [1]and is buried at the Medusa Cemetery [4] Elizabeth, his wife, died on September 14, 1849 [1]and is buried next to her husband

Alexander's Will

Additional Research Notes

Additional Media

Selected documents from the Revolutionary War Pension file of Alexander and his widow, Elizabeth Mackey. There are many more.


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