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Isaac was born on March 8, 1755 at Ridgefield, CT, a son of Joshua Lobdell and Sarah Scott. [1] His known siblings were:

  • Sarah Lobdell born in 1751[1]
  • Joshua Lobdell born in 1752[1]
  • James Lobdell born in 1757[1]
  • Hannah Lobdell born in 1759[1]
  • Simon Lobdell born in 1762[1]
  • Hulda Lobdell born in 1765[1]
  • Abijah Lobdell born in 1767[1]
  • Mary Lobdell born in 1770[1]


He was drafted into service as a private at Hancock, MA in August of 1778 for the term of three months. He served in Captain Joseph Barnes' Co. and Colonel Simonds' Regiment and went to Pittsfield, MA, where he marched through Danbury and Reading to New Fairfield. From there, he and his Regiment went to Kinsbridge and joined General Washington's Army.
He was then ordered to Valentine's Hill where he and his Company and Regiment built a fort. After that he marched to a place called Tuckahoe and on to White Plains and there engaged in the Battle. He stayed there until November, when he was dismissed and returned home.
In August 1779 he entered the service again at Hancock and joined Capt. Smith's Company and immediately marched to Lake George and was at the taking of Burgoyne. He was at Saratoga and other northward places until late fall of 1779, when he was discharged and returned home.

Marriage & Children

At about 1779 in Lanesboro, MA, he married Miriam Pomeroy who was born on June 12, 1759, a daughter of Joshua Pomeroy and Lois Phelps. [1] Their children:

  • Miriam Lobdell born about 1780[1]
  • Lois Lobdell born January 5, 1784[1]
  • Anna Lobdell born about 1786[1]
  • Isaac Lobdell Jr. born January 27, 1788[1]
  • Joshua Pomeroy Lobdell born about 1790[1]
  • Olive Lobdell born about 1795[1]
  • Princess Lobdell born March 5, 1800

At about 1804, Isaac married secondly, Jerusha Lobdell who was born on March 3, 1769 a daughter of John Lobdell and Elizabeth Sherwood[1]. Their children:

  • Jerusha Lobdell born March 5, 1806[1]
  • James Hervey Lobdell born July 14, 1810[1]
  • Lovisa Lobdell born November 3, 1812[1]


His first wife, Miriam, died on September 7, 1802 in Westerlo. [1]. He died on March 24, 1838 at Westerlo. Jerusha died on May 2, 1849 in Westerlo. Isaac and Jerusha were buried at the Westerlo Rural Cemetery.

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