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Thomas was born on June 12, 1761 in Sharon, Litchfield Co., CT, a son of Benjamin Frisbee and Margaret Holly.


Thomas was drafted into the war at “Little Hoosick” in Rensselaer County where he then lived in September of 1778. He served as a private in Captain Samuel Shaw’s company in the Colonel Van Rensselaer Regiment and was discharged at or about the 15th of October of 1788. While serving then, he was marched to Schoharie and put under the command of Colonel Butler. After his discharge, he removed to Sharon, CT. where he entered the service as a substitute for Elijah Pardy for 5 weeks and returned to “Little Hoosick” where he again entered the service in 1779 or 1780 under the same command as his previous service there. He served when called for short periods of time from 1780 to 1782. He again entered the service at Fort Herkimer in Charlestown on October 22, 1782 for two years as a Sergeant and was discharged at Schenectady.

Marriage & Children

At about 1789 he married Edith Lovell who was born at about 1765[1]. They had the following known children:

  • Floretta Frisbee born November 21, 1790[1]
  • Clarissa Frisbee born at about 1792[1]
  • Cyrus Frisbee born July 20, 1794[1]
  • Matilda Frisbee born July 23, 1796[1]
  • Olive Frisbee born August 16, 1798[1]- was named in her uncle Reuben King’s will

Thomas married secondly at about 1807, Abigail Congdon who was born on February 21, 1773 in North Kingston, Washington Co., RI, a daughter of John and Dorcas Congdon. [1] Thomas and Abigail had the following children:

  • James Congdon Frisbee born July 16, 1809[1]
  • Reuben Frisbee born March 8, 1811[1]
  • Marcus Frisbee born March 23, 1813[1]
  • Emily Frisbee born June 20, 1818[1]


Edith Lovell Frisbee died at about 1807. Thomas died on October 13, 1845 and was buried at the Baptist Church Burial Grounds in Berne. Abigail died at about 1895. [1]


Thomas Frisbee Revolutionary War pension file

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