Flagler, Peter

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Peter was born in 1798 in the Town of Westerlo,[1] a son of John Flagler and Gertje Bogart.


Peter grew to maturity in Westerlo and was a farmer by occupation. He was also elected to the legislature of the town. [1]

Marriage & Children

Peter married Letta Lawrence[1] born at about 1807, a daughter of William Lawrence[1] at about 1825 in Westerlo. Their children:

  • Chester Flagler, born at about 1826[1]
  • Morgan Flagler, born at about 1828[1]
  • John Flagler, born at about 1829[1]
  • William Flagler, born at about 1831[1]
  • Juliaette Flagler, born at about 1834[1]
  • Peter H. Flagler born in 1840[1]
  • Almira Flagler, born at about 1847[1]


Peter died in 1866, and Letta died in 1893 at age 89 years.[1] Both are buried at the Onesquethaw Cemetery in Clarksville.

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