Flagler, Peter H.

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Peter H. Flagler was born in the town of Westerlo in 1840, the son of Peter Flagler and Letta Lawarence, a daughter of William Lawrence of Westerlo. [1]


Attended the common schools as well as the Fort Edward Collegiate Institute. [1]


Peter, like his father, was a farmer. He was also a dealer in agricultural implements and manufactured shirts by contract. He was appointed postmaster for the Town of Clarksville. He takes great interest in educational matters and is school trustee of his district. He is one of the most active workers on the proposed Albany, Helderberg, and Schoharie Electric Railroad and is also one of the promoters and stockholders of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, from New York to Ogdensburg. [1]

Marriage & Children

In 1860 he married Miss Julia A., daughter of Elsbree Jones of New Scotland. [1]Their child:

  • Millie, born on January 17, 1869[1] and died 1951[2]

Shortly after his marriage, he removed to Clarksville. [1]



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