Directions for transferring biographies with no source code

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The CD version of the web site contains source code for many, but not all pages.

1. If the page has NOT been modified in the last two years, go to the online web site of [] and copy the source code from there. The only way to tell if it has been updated is to compare the contents of the online page and the CD page. Decide if it is easier to modify the online version or start over and copy, paste, and then reformat the text on the CD version. It depends on the number of changes.

2. Pages with no source code may contain pictures. You need to add code for the pictures.

Gallery pictures go into code like:

Regular pictures can go into code like:

3. To get the name of the file, RIGHT click on the picture or its place holder. In Internet Explorer, a list will appear. At the very bottom of the list, click on Properties. In the address section, click in the address and the press the forward arrow key on your keyboard until you see the name of the file. For example: /thumb/5/57/19901101KnoxCemeteryRecordsStolen.jpg. You can copy the name of the file and paste it into the code for the web page.

4. You can copy the caption from the CD version and paste it into the code on the real web page as the caption of the picture.

5. In front of the file name is the actual location of the file in the Images folder. The example is in folder 5, and in subfolder 57. If you want to upload the picture, you can search for the file name in the Images directory from the CD, or go directly to the folder containing it. Search is MUCH faster if you copy the Images directory to your hard drive - which may take a few hours. Copy and paste the caption into the summary box for the uploaded picture, add the needed categories (I keep a NotePad file of categories open that I can copy and paste from) and locate the file you need by searching or navigating the directory.

6. ANYTHING THAT WORKS is fine. This is just one approach of many. Find a way that works that you are most comfortable with and use it.