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==Additional Research Notes==  
==Additional Research Notes==  
==Additional Media==
==Additional Media==

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Nicholas was born in 1788, a son of Ephraim Bogardus and Maria Huyck. [1]

Marriage & Children

Nicholas reportedly married at about 1809. His wife’s name is not known. Their child:

  • Elizabeth Bogardus was born at about 1810.

On May 4, 1814, at the Reformed Church in Berne, he married Catharine Veeder who was born on April 2, 1780, a daughter of Volkert Veeder and Susanna Mydertse.
Catherine was the widow of Robert Bullock. She had two children in that marriage, they were Ellen and Sally Bullock. [1] The known children of the marriage of Nicholas and Catherine:

  • Robert Bullock Bogardus born April 19, 1815[1]
  • Maria Bogardus born about 1816, married John P. Vermilya[2].
  • Ephraim H. Bogardus born November 5, 1819, married Cornelia W. Crary[1]
  • Joseph Bullock Bogardus born February 22, 1822[1]

At about 1840 he married the widow, Polly Merrihew who was born at about 1790[1]. Their known child:

  • Catherine Bogardus born at about 1841. [2]


Catherine died on April 24, 1839. Nicholas died on December 30, 1841. They’re buried beside each other in the Snyder Cemetery in Westerlo.

Nicholas Bogardus Will

Additional Research Notes

Additional Media


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