April 22, 1886 - Casualty Sheet

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Knox - Barckley - Casualty Sheet - April 22, 1886

Casualty Sheet

Name, M. J. Barckley (First Divn)

Rank, 1st Lieut, Company -, Regiment 7

Arm, Arty, State, New York

Place of Casualty, -

Nature of casualty, Wounded

Date of Casualty, June 5, 1864.

From What Source This Information Was Obtained

Nominal List Of Officers Killed and Wounded during the month of June 1864, in the 2nd A. C. Not dated, Sg'd Winfd S. Hancock, May, Gen'l Vols. Com'dg. Page 2- Filed with unindexed Battle Records in D. + D. Div.* Army Register shows 1st Lt. Michael H. Barclay as having Died July 6, 1846 at Washington, D. C. of wounds received in action." W. S. B. 4-22-86

Ext. B+W.

W. S. Burton, Clerk

April 22/86