White Sulphur Springs House

From Berne, NY - a Helderberg Hilltown
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White Sulphur Springs House


  • 1880 completed and opened by Jacob Hochstrasser, Jr. (1832 - 1915). Summer boarders came from Albany and New York, many staying for the entire season, the men going into the city for business during the week and driving out to be with their families on weekends.
  • 1884 added the T wing on the east side completing the structure as it still stands today.
  • 1916 the Boarding House was closed.
  • 1960 the United Pentacostal Church "Word of Life Ministries" bought the property for a camp meeting place and built a revival hall and dining room.
  • ~2005 Evangel Christian School, in Queens bought the property
  • 2012 Presently boarded up and slated for removal
  • 2019 It was demolished.


Main building - There is a center staircase and another at each end. A center hallway runs the length of the building on all floors. The rooms are small about 10 by 14ft with no closet, just hooks on the wall. Ventilation is provided by one window in each room.