Shultes and Adams Store

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Shultes and Adams Store
  • 1844 Oscar Tyler (~1801->1874) built a store at the intersection of the Berne-East Berne Road and the Knox - Berne Road. He lived in a small brick house west of where St. Bernadette´s church is now located. Known as house and lot of Jacob Ball. Former William Ball farm. In 1850 sold to John Warner 2nd.
  • 1850 Tyler moved to Albany and sold the store to Samuel H. Davis (1807-1876) who ran it until his death. In 1866 he lived at 1592 Helderberg Trail.
  • Reinhart and Hochstrasser operated the store.
  • Later J. W. Hart and Son operated the store.
  • 1898 Franklin Shultes (1865-1934) and Arthur Adams moved their store here from the original location in the Daniel Simmons Hotel. Mr. Adams moved from Berne in the early 1900s.
  • 1919 Sanford Shultes (1875-1943) bought the business from his brother and ran a general store at this location
From Milton Hart's Stories: Sanford Shultes ran the store right at the intersection and his son Franklin ran it for a while after him. Sanford who we all called Sant, sold mostly groceries and a little bit of hardware but not too much.
  • 1943 on the death of Sanford Shultes the store passed to his son Franklin L. (1915-1998) and his wife Esther Shultes. They later moved the store across the street to what had been the Lower Hotel. In the 1970's the store was sold ending a period of over 100 years of merchantile business of the Shultes Family
  • This building became Foster's Antiques

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